Honduras Marcala Comsa

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Smithsonian Certified Bird Friendly

Medium body with a smooth mouthfeel and honeydew melon character

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Honduras Marcala Comsa coffee is Fair Trade certified and is characterized by a medium body with a smooth mouthfeel and subtle honeydew melon notes. This delicious varietal is arriving just in time for sunny mornings on the patio.

The COMSA coffee production strives for consistent, quality coffee beans, while also prioritizing a lifestyle that promotes economic stability and growth opportunities for the farmers themselves. This coffee society also produces their beans through sustainable practices.

COSMA coffee producers are located in Marcala, La Paz, Honduras and were founded in 2001 with the initiative of the Foundation for Rural Enterprise Development (FUNDER). Over the years FUNDER slowly facilitated the growers themselves to own shares of the coffee operation, encouraging the community of small farmers to strive for the highest quality product by assuming entire responsibility for the success of their crops. Allowing the small farmers to own shares of the coffee productions is imperative to the philosophy of promoting “the full transformation of people” and economic well being of the farmers themselves. The farmers are compensated directly for their exports, a practice that is not seen enough throughout the coffee industry.

COMSA’s work is based on the concept of a Finca Humana, literally translated as
a Human Farm. This Finca Humana model focuses on developing, nurturing, and
awakening the mind, body and soul to reach a balance between oneself, family,
and community. In this model, learning is encouraged through observation,
research, analysis, reflection, action and documentation. Unlike most
educational models in Latin America, COMSA’s philosophy posits that learning is
achieved by a balance of understanding theories, and mostly through experience
and practice. The Finca Humana model emphasizes the importance of changes
first being made in individuals’ ways of thinking, and then on their physical
farms. COMSA has a radically different belief that the most important part of the
productive chain are the people involved, and that for there to be true change,
people must change their ways of thinking and acting.

COMSA takes a fully holistic approach to organic agriculture, and promotes
justice, peace, solidarity and reconciliation of humans with the cosmos, earth,
and with oneself. The cooperative is committed to educating and nurturing
children to focus on productivity and efficiency, while also encouraging
innovation, training, creativity and sustainability.

As part of its efforts to encourage this kind of radical growth, COMSA supports
several associated projects, including Bancomsa, a community bank offering
loans to cooperative members; a Gender Equality Board that promotes and
encourages the participation of women and youth in coffee production and at the
cooperative leadership level; a bilingual community school offering a hands-on
education for the children of coffee farmers; and a technical farm program that
encourages leadership from cooperative members.

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4 reviews for Honduras Marcala Comsa

  1. aaron.trott

    Smoothest coffee I think I may have every had. It somehow has this silky smooth consistency, but also a pretty full body. I normally like slightly sweet coffee so I add some type of sweetner, but this coffee is perfect as is. Highly recommend.

  2. Daniel Rice (verified owner)

    Super smooth and great flavor. My favorite coffee at this point. I love with unsweetened vanilla almond milk (almond breeze). Make in the aero press with 2 scoops and fill up the water to 4, water at 80 C, stir ten seconds. I get a really strong flavor but still amazingly smooth. Just wonderful.

  3. Tammy Zendejas (verified owner)

    Best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I’m am totally addicted to this coffee

  4. Morgan Lee (verified owner)

    This coffee is smooth and tastes great. We love it!

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