Kosher L’Pesach Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold


Full body, sweet, dutch chocolate aroma.


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The Four Questions of Kosher for Passover Peru.

The Wise Seder Host asks “what coffee will we serve after the Seder”?  To this enlightened question, a specific answer is best…we should serve Kaladi Peru Cajamarca Kosher L’Pesach because it is not only the most delicious and fitting end to our Seder meal, but because it has been processed under rabbinical supervision from beginning to end, and each bag is closed with our Rabbi’s seal.

The Wicked Seder Host asks “why should I serve coffee to you after the Seder”?  They say “you” and not “us” because they contemptuously fail to include themselves in our joyous community of Jewish coffee drinkers.  Enough said about that schmendrik.

The Simple Seder Host asks “what does this all mean”?  To this host, we reply with a broad and generous response: Kosher Peru comes pre-ground (rabbinical inspection of the grinding process is included), and is available exclusively in one-pound bags which are best stashed in the freezer upon arrival at your home.  Orders of four pounds or more receive free shipping, so feel free to get one for another Seder host too!

And for the Seder Host Who Does Not Know How To Ask, we revisit and retell the story of why Kaladi Peru Cajamarca became so popular in the first place: Peru Cajamarca Kosher L’Pesach is not only a sweet full-bodied coffee with an intense Dutch chocolate aroma, but it is also certified organic and FairTrade certified and is sourced from 100% women-owned farms.

As a single horticultural item, no hechsher is required for coffee.  All equipment used to process Kaladi coffee is used exclusively for coffee beans…no flavorings, colorings, or any other ingredients are ever included.  Rabbinical supervision provides for the cleanliness of our equipment and process.

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