History teaches us that even if silence doesn’t always imply consent, any silence long enough will eventually be understood as complicity.  Regarding our president’s ill-considered termination of the DACA program, forthrightness demands that we speak now.

Kaladi Coffee wishes to confirm that we respect and cherish the entire American immigrant population.  We understand diversity to be a profoundly American value.  We acknowledge that our immigrants are some of the hardest working and most innovative people in our community.  We recognize in our recent immigrants the dreams and aspirations that brought our own families to America many years ago.

Kaladi Coffee identifies and denounces the termination of the DACA program as a politically-motivated broken promise.  We reject the cowardice, myopia, and racism that have brought us to bully the powerless in the mindless pursuit of misbegotten policy.  Finally, we call upon our Congress to do not only what is honorable, but what is unquestionably best for America: put aside bipartisan differences and create enduring legislation to protect the rights of DACA beneficiaries now.

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