Costa Rica La Minita

“Medium body with a soft black cherry character”
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Coffee was first discovered by a goat herder named Kaladi living in the land of Arabia Felix. One day Kaladi found his normally tranquil goats very frisky and dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leaved shrub with red berries. Called soon determined that it was the red berries that caused such jubilation and decided to sample some for himself. He too found the berries very stimulating and it wasn’t long before he was merrily dancing and cavorting with his goats. One day a passing monk from a nearby monastery was astonished to find a herdsman and his flock dancing in this elated state and ask Kaladi for an explanation of their strange behavior. The abbott, after sampling some of the fruits for himself, immediately felt refreshed and realized that the berries had the exact properties required to keep his monks awake while at prayers. The abbott then combined the berries with water and created a wonderfully stimulating drink which he thought to be heaven-sent. Soon the news about coffee spread throughout Arabia Felix, and from there the world.