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A Little About Ourselves

Mark and Andrew had a desire to restore the promise of the specialty coffee revolution. What began as a movement to increase the quality in offerings to American Coffee Drinkers had devolved into a chain mentality, serving over-sweetened beverages that may or may not contain actual coffee.

The two imagined a coffee company devoted to:

  • Sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from farmers who demonstrate sustainable growing practices and respect workers rights
  • Following the philosophy and practice of Fluid-bed Air Roasting as pioneered by Michael Sivetz, CE
  • Skillfully producing excellent tasting coffee from customized equipment
  • Creating an environment where coffee aficionados could communicate with knowledgeable staff,  accurately conveying the variety of coffee’s nuanced flavors.

Coffee Houses have always been places of community. It is this cause that we champion: to awaken community. We seek to awaken community both locally and globally by supporting local causes in our own community, and by supporting cooperative enterprise in the communities from which we source our coffee. We harbor no aspirations for world domination; the world doesn’t need another coffee chain. Instead, we supply locally owned cafes and coffee bars.

Our Purpose is to set a new standard for coffee quality and help others achieve that standard. Great coffee is only as good as its preparation. Our staff dedicate themselves to mastering the skills necessary to produce consistent, excellent tasting coffee. We love great coffee and look forward to sharing our passion with you. So say we all.

Legend Has It…

Coffee was first discovered by a goat herder named Kaladi living in the land of Arabia Felix.

One day, Kaladi found his normally tranquil goats very frisky and dancing with abandoned glee near a shiny, dark-leaved shrub with red berries. Kaladi soon determined that it was the red berries that caused such jubilation and decided to sample some for himself. He too found the berries very stimulating and it wasn’t long before he was merrily dancing and cavorting with his goats.

A passing monk from a nearby monastery was astonished to find a herdsman and his flock dancing in this elated state and ask Kaladi for an explanation of their strange behavior. The abbott, after sampling some of the fruits for himself, immediately felt refreshed and realized that the berries had the exact properties required to keep his monks awake while at prayers. The abbott then combined the berries with water and created a wonderfully stimulating drink which he thought to be heaven-sent. Soon the news about coffee spread throughout Arabia Felix, and from there the world.

The Kaladi WayWhy Kaladi Beans