Colombia Supremo Sur de Huila Dark Roast


Medium body and sweet with a dark liquor-like character.


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Secret Menu Dark Roast.


The coffee from Colombia has a special place for us here at Kaladi. You could say it is our workhorse coffee. We have been working in the region of Huila for nearly 20 years, finding the best beans there is to be found. But here is a little secret for you: we have been roasting this coffee a little darker for our espresso blend for years. Some of our customers have found out about this and it has become a favorite. Now you can get this special roast.

Colombia Supremo Sur de Huila┬áis a medium bodied coffee with a soft, liqueur like character. We air roast these darling little beans to perfection. Colombian coffee is renowned for it’s silky smooth characteristics and its ability to blend well with other regions’ coffees. Colombia is one of our staples here at Kaladi, we have found that while it does have enough body to take milk or sugar, it’s a very nice stand alone coffee.

Colombia Huila Supremo also makes for a very nice iced coffee.

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Huila region of Colombia

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