Mocca Java Blend

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Full body and sweet. Rich liqueur mouthfeel and floral aroma.

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A blend from the old world.

A signature blend of Java and Ethiopia, our Mocca Java Blend has been a crowd favorite for years. Our Mocca Java blend is a reinterpretation of the world’s oldest coffee blend. The first two commercially grown coffee regions were the coffees from the Indonesian Archipelago known collectively as “Java” coffees and the coffees from Northwest Africa including Yemen and Ethiopia collectively called “Mocca” coffees after the Yemen port of Mocca, despite the port drying up by a sandbar centuries ago. The heavy body of the Java coffees are a perfect compliment to the light body of the Mocca coffees – it is as if they were made for each other. In true Kaladi fashion, we use only washed examples of these coffees from the Estates in Java and and small farmer cooperatives in Ethiopia.

6 reviews for Mocca Java Blend

  1. monroenav (verified owner)

    My wife and I proudly call ourselves coffee aficionados, and we simply love Kaladi’s Mocca Java Blend. There’s just a hint of cocoa, which hits the nose, before it perfectly underscores the deep earthy coffee taste. We strongly recommend this most wonderful coffee.

  2. audrey (verified owner)

    Mocca Java has been our go-to coffee this year – the smooth richness makes it delightfully (almost dangerously) drinkable, hot or cold!

  3. mlabash66 (verified owner)

    I have tried a variety of the offerings over the past few years and this my favorite .

  4. Elizabeth Howard (verified owner)

    This is our family’s favorite!!!

  5. Danielle Tallent (verified owner)

    A nice rounded coffee with hints of chocolate. Love it!

  6. Noelle Segovia

    Wow!!!!! Soooo amazing and delicious!! We always get Trieste because we just fell in love with it.. this last order of the usual 5lb bag I asked for a sample of Mocha Java. I just made the most delicious breve with all heavy cream and I can’t stop telling my husband how AMAZING it is!! Thank you Kaladi for being awesome! We don’t buy any other coffee❤️

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