Bolivia Caranavi Los Coloniales


Medium body, sweet, dark coffee-liqueur flavor.


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From Bolivia to your Cup

Our Bolivia Caranavi Los Coloniales is a Fairtrade Certified, full bodied coffee with a deep richness and sweet, caramel “roasty” aroma. It pairs well with milk and dairy, and is particularly good as a pour over.

The Region

Located 12 hours from La Paz, Bolivia, the Caranavi region is designated as a “Humid, Sub-tropical Forest.” Elevations range from 4,225ft to 5,850ft. The average size of the organic coffee farms here are between 3 and 11 acres. The terrain is rugged and steep, and the forest is lush and beautiful.

These coffee farmers are known as “Coloniales.” During the 1950’s, this area suffered under a corporate oligarchy that used poor working conditions and governmental corruption to keep the working class families poor and uneducated, and therefore, cheap. In 1991, through Governmental Land Reform, the larger land owners were made to relinquish their holdings and return the control of these small farms back to the families who had originally owned them.

The Famers

There are 41 small coffee producers that participate in our organic coffee production. These farmers have been working with a Bolivian Organic Organization to learn ways to improve their cultural practices, increase production, and improve the quality of their product. With these efforts, the hope to receive a better price for their crop, and help preserve and improve the environment they rely on. Organic Products Trading Company has made commitments with these growers, their families, and community leaders to support this project, not only buy buying their coffee, but also by working with them to accomplish the goals mutually agreed upon.

This coffee is Certified Organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). It is also certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center as “Bird Friendly” Shade Grown, as well as being Fairtrade Certified by Transfair USA. The coffee trees are the older cultivars: Typica and Bourbon. During the harvest period, there are three cherry pickings: March-April, May-June, and August-September. The coffee cherries are hand picked, usually by the women in the communities, when the cherries reach full maturity. The coffee bean itself is medium-large in size.

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