Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold

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Sourced from 100% women owned farms.

Full body, sweet, dutch chocolate aroma.

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From Peru to Your Cup

Our most popular single origin coffee and our longest, continuously purchased cooperatively grown coffee. Our Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold is a Shade-Grown Organic, Fairtrade Certified and sourced from 100% women-owned farms. Because of our long term relationship we are the only roaster to offer this coffee sourced exclusively from women farmers. It is a full bodied coffee with a sweet taste and a “baker’s chocolate” aroma. If ever there was a coffee with an ideal coffee flavor – this is it. If you are thinking of trying our coffee for the first time or our getting coffee for a friend, then you can’t go wrong here. It’s everything you dream about in a great coffee.


The Region

“Andes Gold” is a special selection of coffees grown in the northern highlands of Cajamarca in Peru. It is about six hours North of the Coastal city of Chiclayo, Peru. Because the area is very desolate and remote, there is very little commercial activity beyond coffee and sustenance harvesting of tropical fruit and herbs. About 100 miles inland from the Pacific Coast, there is Andes Mountain Jungle, at elevation between 110 and 1500 meters above sea level, that separates Peru from Ecuador. It is here in these mountains, that our organic coffee is grown. This area is without modern technology. Most villages, even one half hour from the main North / South highway, have only gravel roads, no electricity or telephone communication systems. But it is here, in this poorest of areas, that the farmers are working the hardest, with the most cooperation and commitment, we have been able to bring technological assistance to train them in active organic growing practices, to improve their harvesting, processing and drying methods, so their coffee will meet our quality standards.

The people are from a very traditional Inca Indian culture, very proud of their heritage, and proud to pass that heritage on their children. It is here in the Penachi region that had the first “Organic Coffee Festival”, and the crowning of the “Queen of Cafe Organico!”. Because of improvements and commitment to the quality of their coffee, they are taking steps to begin to bring improvement to their lives and communities. The growers group has grown to nearly 300 certified organic farms in the Penachi region.


Since their first meeting in 2004, the women of the Café Femenino Peru Program have marshaled widespread social change into their communities. By overcoming a variety of barriers— including inferior societal status due to gender prejudice, adverse living conditions, and lack of self-esteem stemming from insecurities about their lack of formal education—the women have successfully stood up against generations of gender inequity.

After more than 13 years, domestic abuse and malnutrition rates have gone down, education and income equality rates have gone up, and the women are no longer too timid to speak. They now stand up in front of groups, make presentations, and hold several elected positions on the boards of the coffee associations of Cecanor. Their hard work and courage means the women in their community have more decision-making power, more income, and more dignity than ever before.

In elevating their voices, the women are finding solutions to community problems on their own terms. Some notable successes of the Café Femenino Peru Program include:

Food Security

To fight the adverse effects of malnutrition—including stunting, academic deficiencies, and increase in childhood diseases—the women organize Food Security Workshops to further nutritional understanding and nutritional diversity in their community.

Income Diversification

To combat gender inequity within coffee-producing culture, reduce economic dependence on men, and provide women with access to productive resources, the women now breed small animals to sell, grow quinoa for the market, and collect micro-loan funds for microenterprises led by women.

Schools and Classrooms

Most of the women use the additional income they receive directly to educate their children. Forgoing traditional cultural priorities of educating boys before girls, the women of Café Femenino make sure the girls in their community have an equal educational footing with the boys.

Community Health

The women have been instrumental in empowering women leaders to be health promoters for remote, hard-to-access communities. These women help with basic first aid, provide reproductive health workshops, and distribute information on screenings for cervical and breast cancer. To reduce smoke-related illness, the women have led an effort to replace old, toxic stoves with elevated stoves that use chimneys to vent the smoke outside.

More Information:

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23 reviews for Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold

  1. markhusson (verified owner)

    This is a remarkable coffee. Speaking as a Treiste Freak I have systematically been going through different roasts to find one I can like as much and Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold is it. I make with a Hario v60… 22grams of coffee, 352ml of H20. Sublime! Sweeet, not bitter, extraordinary!

  2. in2graphics

    Makes incredible iced lattes! When it’s iced you can taste the chocolate, yummy!

    I am very picky with my coffee, this is worth the price!

  3. Michelle Renee (verified owner)

    My most favorite coffee ever! And that’s saying a LOT because I am very picky about my coffee. The chocolate notes are delicious!

  4. Krista Hovde (verified owner)

    Simply the best! Smooth and balanced.

  5. Dana Abbey (verified owner)

    Love this coffee! I have been buying this variety for years and have never been disappointed in its quality.

  6. Diana Treinen (verified owner)

    This is by far the best roast ever. We have been buying by the pound for more than 8 years and it never disappoints.

  7. Owen Cox (verified owner)

    A long time Sumatra devotee here, I tried the Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold on the strength of the full body, chocolate description along with the fair trade origins and it is a winner in every respect. Perfect roast for the depth of flavor and body.

  8. Catherine Dalton (verified owner)

    This coffee is simply delicious – smooth and rich and no trace of bitterness.

  9. David (verified owner)

    Deep, rich chocolate flavor. The perfect amount of dark roasted oils have come out in this roast without tasting burned.

  10. Robert Heberton (verified owner)

    Kaladi Coffee has been our one (& almost only) coffee source since they opened 20 years ago! Can’t remember if they had Peru Cajamarca from the beginning but know that as soon as we discovered it, Peru Andes Gold has been the mainstay for our morning brew. It’s rich, chocolaty flavor always delivers a smooth & tasty drink.

  11. kandb552 (verified owner)

    We buy the Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold monthly and when we drive into Denver for whatever reason that we can come up with we get three or four fresh extraordinary drinks ! It is consistent in flavor and can take a bit of cream and keep the strong flavors!

  12. ambernmeredith (verified owner)

    This is our favorite coffee… possibly ever. It’s delicious hot but we prefer it iced with a small amount of cream. It a dark coffee with notes of chocolate. If you’re undecided on which coffee to get, try this one! We first had it at a restaurant and it was so good we called them the next day to see where we could pick up beans for ourselves. We’ve been hooked on Kaladi ever since!

  13. Melanie Escobar (verified owner)

    So yummy, I especially like it with cream and sugar.

  14. Tim Kenwick (verified owner)

    This is my all time favorite coffee! Highly recommend it.

  15. Gerald Brown (verified owner)

    What a wonderful coffee. Full bodied yet smooth and not a hint of bitterness.. having spent some time in Peru I am thrilled to support their fair trade economy. I will refer this coffee to all my coffee drinking friends.

  16. Jack Campbell (verified owner)

    As an Australian, good coffee is a big deal to me. Since moving to Denver last year I’ve sought out multiple brands and beans and I have to say this is one of my favorites. I drink 2-3 flat whites a day and these beans go extremely well with it – or any milk-based coffee drink. Also great for straight up espresso too!

  17. Lynn (verified owner)

    THE BEST!! We have enjoyed this coffee for years and have shared it with family members across the country. As a result, they are now ordering this varietal and having it shipped all across the country.

  18. Emily S (verified owner)

    Amazing coffee that our whole household is addicted to! It’s full-bodied and incredibly smooth, and we love that it’s fair trade. Highly recommend!

  19. kathrynrosica (verified owner)

    I have been buying the Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold for years now. Anytime I move away to try another brand I always come back!. This is a deep coffee taste, but always smooth no bitterness. It hits that sweet balance spot perfectly.

  20. Suzann (verified owner)

    By far, my favorite coffee. Full-bodied and smooth with chocolate notes. I drink it black not to disturb it’s flavor. It’s sooo good!!

  21. andrealrainville (verified owner)

    The story and purpose behind this coffee stole my heart in 2015 and I haven’t turned back since. I love coffees that are full bodied, rich and smooth-always choosing nutty, caramelly, chocolate notes over fruity and floral. If that sounds like you, this might be the best coffee you ever try! It’s so good, that is becomes challenging for me to branch out. No matter what I order, there will always be a bag of Andes Gold in the mix.

  22. Andrew West (verified owner)

    Wow! An incredible full bodied coffee! I don’t drink calories, so this is my go-to beverage when it’s cold out to get my hot chocolate fix. So rich and smooth with that cocoa flavor and aroma.

  23. Mindy (verified owner)

    This coffee does not disappoint, and it is a go to favorite, that I order in a 5lb bag and have shipped out of state. Of course I love all the other roasted Kaladi coffee beans, but this is my favorite beside the espresso beans. I also love that it is supporting 100% women owned farms!

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