Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold

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Full body, sweet, dutch chocolate aroma.


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From Peru to Your Cup

Our most popular single origin coffee and our longest, continuously purchased cooperatively grown coffee. Our Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold is a Fairtrade Certified, full bodied coffee with a sweet taste and a “baker’s chocolate” aroma. It pairs well with savory flavors, and brews especially well in a Chemex pour over or a French Press. It is sourced from 100% women owned farms.

Green coffee beans

The Region
The Penachi is about six hours North of the Coastal city of Chiclayo, Peru. Because the area is very desolate and remote, there is very little commercial activity beyond coffee and sustenance harvesting of tropical fruit and herbs. About 100 miles inland from the Pacific Coast, there is Andes Mountain Jungle, at elevation between 110 and 1500 meters above sea level, that separates Peru from Ecuador. It is here in these mountains, that our organic coffee is grown. This area is without modern technology. Most villages, even one half hour from the main North / South highway, have only gravel roads, no electricity or telephone communication systems. But it is here, in this poorest of areas, that the farmers are working the hardest, with the most cooperation and commitment, we have been able to bring technological assistance to train them in active organic growing practices, to improve their harvesting, processing and drying methods, so their coffee will meet our quality standards.

The people are from a very traditional Inca Indian culture, very proud of their heritage, and proud to pass that heritage on their children. It is here in the Penachi region that we had the first “Organic Coffee Festival”, and the crowning of the “Queen of Cafe Organico!” We danced, we feasted and we celebrated1 this was one of the most rewarding and memorable moments in the many years of developing organic coffee projects. The people are in need of medical facilities, education, books, adequate roads, electricity and so much more. Because of improvements and commitment to the quality of their coffee, they are taking steps to begin to bring improvement to their lives and communities. The growers group has grown to nearly 300 certified organic farms in the Penachi region.

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Cafe Femenino

Cajamarca, Peru

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2 reviews for Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold

  1. markhusson (verified owner)

    This is a remarkable coffee. Speaking as a Treiste Freak I have systematically been going through different roasts to find one I can like as much and Peru Cajamarca Andes Gold is it. I make with a Hario v60… 22grams of coffee, 352ml of H20. Sublime! Sweeet, not bitter, extraordinary!

  2. in2graphics

    Makes incredible iced lattes! When it’s iced you can taste the chocolate, yummy!

    I am very picky with my coffee, this is worth the price!

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