Trieste Caffe Espresso

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Deep, rich, with a satisfying liquor flavor that doesn’t sour as the beverage cools.

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Our World Famous Espresso Blend


The blend that made us famous! Formulated with over 30 years of espresso bar experience, our Trieste Caffe espresso blend is like no other espresso. No crappy Robustas or cheap Brazils. Only high quality washed Arabicas. Our espresso is modeled on the Northern Italian style inspired by Illy Caffe out of Trieste with an old-school Seattle style roast.

Our Trieste Caffe Espresso is a proprietary blend of 100% wet processed Arabica coffee beans. The individual coffees that make up Trieste are sampled for quality daily, roasted every day, and temperature adjusted depending on atmospheric conditions.

You could see we take it kind of seriously.

It’s a robust, complexly dense aromatic espresso with crema for days, and an uncanny temperature stability that does not sour as it cools. Brewing temperature should be around 193-194°F at 9 bars. We recommend 18 grams for a 1.5 ounce shot, excluding crema. There is a wide time window to work with on the bar – shot times range from 18 to 28 seconds. You know you got it right when you taste a nice anise finish in the cup.

32 reviews for Trieste Caffe Espresso

  1. caudillomoma07 (verified owner)

    My favorite roast!! Smooth, not bitter, perfection.

  2. robertingelhart (verified owner)

    There are a lot of great coffees and roasters out there but this is simply the best I’ve ever had. I have an Aeropress travel coffee kit and take Trieste all over the world with me. I’ll say it again: Best coffee I’ve ever had.

  3. Hilary Hunziker (verified owner)

    After 25 years of being a coffee consumer, this is still today the best espresso I’ve ever had. Smooth and rich at the same time and it maintains it’s full flavor as it cools. The air roasted process makes a difference for sure. I take it with me whenever I go away from home and it makes a great gift too! I use a Barista Express by Breville at home and friends prefer to come have one of my coffees over the local coffee shops. I say, this is a very special coffee!

  4. Christopher Uhlig (verified owner)

    I have a Jura fully automated coffee maker. This is one of the best beans I had for my machine. I have tried many and some that taste really good in other coffee makers. The combination of how to make the coffee (machine and settings) and the bean need to be right. This is creamy, aromatic, chocolate notes and just the right bitterness. I have been buying this bean for over a year now. Thanks you, Kaladi.

  5. Steven Furer (verified owner)


  6. Noelle Segovia (verified owner)

    Absolutely my favorite coffee in the US!! It’s rich, smooth and perfect!!! No burnt or “strong” aka burnt coffee… the air roasting is amazing!! This bean makes for a creamy espresso or just a great drip coffee!! We always buy the 5lb bag!!!

  7. jenniyearous (verified owner)

    Simply the best. I live in Seattle and discovered Kaladi’s when my brother lived in Denver. Living in Seattle area, most would think I have access to all kinds of coffee options but none of them even get close to the lovely, smooth, caramel flavor and richness of the Trieste Espresso. It is a fundamental part of my household. In fact, it is a staple of my brother’s household as well and he orders it now from his new place in Texas! It is the BEST COFFEE EVER! And the best part? They provide FREE SHIPPING on orders of 4 pounds or more.

  8. Tina Rock (verified owner)

    I love this coffee! So much so that I supply my favorite coffee drive-thru with Trieste Expresso for my own personal use, (and pay full price!) it is that good! And and an iced latte brings out that rich flavor that begs for one more sip.!

  9. Dianne Blomberg (verified owner)

    Hands down, my favorite coffee. My daughter started me on this option and now the entire family and many of our friends select Trieste Espresso. It is a pure, deep and rich coffee flavor. No bitterness no matter how strong you like your coffee. I take mine black so the clean flavor is obvious. I order several pounds and keep them in the freezer so I never run out.

  10. IDAC (verified owner)

    These are our favorite espresso beans to use in our home machine. We love going to the shop for a drink but it’s been so nice being able to make our favorite drinks at home over the last year! This espresso is smooth, bold and just makes an awesome drink from americanos to lattes, hot or iced. The decaf version is great for evening time too!

  11. Syd (verified owner)

    I have tasted a lot of coffee over the years from military brews to high end cafe brews in Europe and I still consider Trieste Caffe espresso the best! By the way, technically military brew is considered coffee. Trieste has a rich caramel flavor without the bitterness noticeable in other brands and the crema is ooh la la! Espressos, lattes, iced coffees and homemade coffee milkshakes have all been excellent. Living in the Pacific Northwest I haven’t found an equal and greatly appreciate your 20% coupons and free shipping! Thank you.

  12. Kevin Messacar (verified owner)

    No doubt the best espresso out there, can’t start my day without it!

  13. Robert Metzger (verified owner)

    Trieste Caffe us SO good, I wrote a limerick! Thank you Kaladi Bros!

    There is a fine man in Eugene.
    His taste for Trieste is quite keen.
    Every morning at seven,
    Espresso is heaven,
    Nirvana is reached in the bean!

  14. Ryan Kalkwarf (verified owner)

    I love Kaladi Coffee! Been out of state for a while and can’t find anything comparable! My favorites are Trieste, Guatemala, Nicaragua, French Roast, Peru, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, well I pretty much love them all! Air-roasted coffee is unlike the rest. Much love Kaladi!!

  15. Joan Rowland (verified owner)

    Best espresso there is! My son recently left Denver for New York, and will only order Trieste from you for his home machine.

  16. George Christopher (verified owner)

    My favorite coffee, don’t start the day without it, very smooth, no bitterness, so rich. The best coffee ever had.

  17. Sandy Conway (verified owner)

    This is the best coffee there is. Gets me going every morning, smooth and delicious. I order 5lbs online every couple of months which is very convenient.

  18. mgbamesberger (verified owner)

    After retirement my first project was to find the perfect cup of coffee. After much research I assembled all the tools: A new Frieling double walled, stainless steel, french press coffee maker and a Capresso Burr Grinder. Treieste esspresso coffee was a natural choice for the best bean for my perfect cup of coffee. It is so smooth and rich. Such a great way to start the morning.

  19. Chris Sparks (verified owner)

    I drink three every day to help keep me strong!

  20. mystreefrog (verified owner)

    On a family trip to Colorado, we discovered Kaladi Coffee. Now,Trieste Caffe Espresso starts our mornings here in the Pacific Northwest with a tasty kick!

  21. Alison Raman (verified owner)

    We discovered this coffee through our local coffee shop in Littleton and won’t buy anything else now. We moved out of the state and looked for options at our new place, but nothing compared to how good this roast is. We love it! Best espresso we’ve had and we’ve had a lot.

  22. Richard (verified owner)

    This coffee is complex yet fun to drink. It’s the better version of Italian espresso compared to growing up in Brooklyn! Thanks Kaladi!

  23. Tori Nelson Rehberg (verified owner)

    Hands down the best espresso I’ve ever had. “Full-bodied” is a very accurate description, and it’s not bitter or too floral. I prefer this espresso over most cafe’s espresso roasts.

  24. Heather Howard (verified owner)

    Our daily driver for home espresso. Smooth, sweet, liquor-like character. I cannot live without my americano made with Trieste beans. Well I *could* but would not want to!

  25. Colin Harbke (verified owner)

    Mu husband and I love Trieste! We fell in love with it in when we lived in Alaska and are thankful we can get it shipped to us now that we’ve moved. Although it’s designed to be an espresso bean, we use it for our daily coffee we brew in a French press.

  26. Josie Fortuna (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple espressos but none compare. This is by far the best.

  27. Amaris Duryea (verified owner)

    Favorite espresso blend in Denver! Don’t order anything else for my at home fixes.

  28. Nathan Mender

    I’ve enjoyed every single coffee I’ve tried from Kaladi, but this is my forever roast 😉

  29. Idie McGinty (verified owner)

    Love your Espresso beans—best flavor and a whole 1 lb bag—not like some other brands where it is 12 or 10 oc!!

  30. Tarrie Burnett (verified owner)

    I found Kaladi a long long time ago in a little mountain shop called kinfolks in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Then I went to grad school at the University of Denver and spent countless hours on little folding chairs when it was then just the Roastery. I’ve had coffee around the world and I still always come back to Kaladi and this blend in particular. I make perfect cups of espresso all day long while I work from home. Love you guys

  31. nerofamily (verified owner)

    Great coffee! My wife and I love it. We also like the Pioneer Blend (Red Goat). We’ll be customers for life!

  32. Peter Christian (verified owner)

    I’ve been drinking Trieste for years, it’s my go-to coffee, We’ve travelled quite a bit and I always use Trieste as my benchmark coffee. It was easier to get when we lived in Denver, now we live in North Carolina… Trieste is included in every order. I order whole beans and grind them in my espresso machine.

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