Half-Caf Trieste Caffe Espresso

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Deep, rich, with a satisfying liquor flavor that doesn’t sour as the beverage cools.

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Our World Famous Espresso Blend with half the caffeine.


This is the half caf version of the blend that made us famous! Formulated with over 25 years of espresso bar experience, our Trieste Caffe espresso blend is like no other espresso. No crappy Robustas or cheap Brazils. Only high quality washed Arabicas.

Our Trieste Caffe Espresso is a proprietary blend of 100% wet processed Arabica coffee beans. The individual coffees that make up Trieste are sampled for quality daily, roasted four times a week, and temperature adjusted depending on atmospheric conditions.

You could see we take it kind of seriously.

It’s a robust, complexly dense aromatic espresso with crema for days, and an uncanny temperature stability that does not sour as it cools. While it makes for one amazing espresso, it also works well when brewed through an Aeropress or a Chemex pour over.

2 reviews for Half-Caf Trieste Caffe Espresso

  1. tralphh (verified owner)

    Half-Caf Trieste is our favorite bean. It is a very forgiving and versatile espresso bean and tastes great! We have used it exclusively for 10 years!! Love that we can order it in bulk!! We need to, as we go through it fast!! It is also very reasonably priced. Great job Kaladi Bros!!!

  2. estelk (verified owner)

    We tried this at first because for years we were mixing our own caff and decaf beans. Coming premixed and the home delivery makes it so easy and it’s sooooooo delicious.

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