Decaf Trieste Caffe

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Swiss Water Process

Our famous espresso blend – decaf!

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Our espresso blend – decaffeinated.

Formulated over 30 years of espresso bar experience, our Decaf Trieste Caffe espresso blend is like no other espresso, a medium bodied coffee with a sweet liqueur flavor.


Our Decaf Trieste Caffe is a rich blend of two coffees, roasted at three different temperatures. Our decaf is a perfectly blended mix of 100% Arabica, Shade-Grown Organic Fairtrade Certified, Swiss Water Processed coffees.

It’s a robust, complexly dense aromatic espresso that happens to be decaf. While it makes for one amazing espresso, it also works well when brewed through an Aeropress or a Chemex pour over. Many of our customers use our Decaf Trieste as their go to for dessert and after dinner coffee.

1 review for Decaf Trieste Caffe

  1. Brett Barkey (verified owner)

    Decaf need not mean flavorless. Decaf Trieste provides a consistent, robust and creamy espresso for me every time.

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